Exploring America through Art, 1917 – 1945

from the Binghamton University Art Museum and the Roberson Museum

Project Description

The Binghamton University Art Museum has partnered with the Roberson Museum and Science Center of Binghamton, NY on a project that highlights American works of art created in the years between World War I and II, roughly 1917–1945. Art history professor Tom McDonough collaborated with visiting history professor Chelsea C. Gibson to select, research and document works from these collections, as well as objects held by the Broome County Historical Society and New Deal public murals in Greater Binghamton. Its themes include: Americans abroad, city life, everyday Americans, government-sponsored art projects, labor and protest, views of African-American life, rural life, wartime, the American West, women’s world and work, and the growth of distinctly American art. Phase II of the project will involve in-person visits and focus more explicitly on wedding content to curriculum.

The resulting portal with digital images, object descriptions and short thematic essays can be accessed by viewers of any age or interest. The tab labelled “Tools for Teachers” contains lesson plans and other materials for middle- and high-school teachers and students in our region. For information on guided tours and transportation grants to support class visits, teachers are encouraged to contact Diane Butler, Director of the Binghamton University Art Museum, at dbutler@binghamton.edu

Support for this project was provided by a “Bridge Ahead” grant from Art Bridges.